Learn How to Throw…For Your Dog

21425_932607007127_2127078857_nRob McLeod is a disc dog competitor and throwing coach, specializing in distance competitions with Davy Whippet, and currently resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. On October 14, 2012, Rob and Davy broke the Guinness/WFDF World Record for Longest Flying Disc Throw Caught by a Dog with a catch at 402 feet (134 yards/122.5 metres).

He has been competing since August 2011 and currently holds 13 World Records including 6 Guinness World Records, 8 World Championships, the Canadian Distance Record and 2 Quadruped titles. He also competes in ultimate frisbee, disc golf and overall disc sport competitions. Rob has been playing ultimate since 2001, disc golf since 2010, dog disc since 2011 and overall since 2011. He has been teaching others how to throw for 10 years and has been teaching sports for over 20. His teaching style draws on his experience from teaching/playing sports such as golf, hockey, baseball, track & field, squash, tennis, soccer and swimming to name a few.

His primary focus in teaching revolves around developing the mechanics of the throw and in his clinics, this will be the central element of his teaching. His goal is to inspire others to develop their own reason “why” when it comes to playing disc with their dogs.

Ultimately, we owe it to ourselves to work on our throwing outside of practicing with our dogs. Our dogs will work hard for us so it’s only fair that we become good consistent throwers. It’s more fun for them when they can chase good throws and it’s also safer.

Enjoy the videos and news and I look forward to meeting you!

Rob McLeod (aka Frisbee Rob)

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